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Remington’s new clothes

Hawk Industries (a division of China North – Norinco) is located in the city of Qiqihar in northern China and was founded in 1954. The Company deals in manufacture of shotguns meant for both export, and domestic use. They manufacture a wide variety of shotguns, from standard pump actions to drum fed semiautomatics, with fixed or folding stock, and for civilian, hunting, police and military purposes. Only shotguns the company does not offer, are fully automatic ones.

Classical solutions

These Chinese shotguns look almost identical to classical American models Remington 870 and 1100. Remington 870 is probably the most famous pump action shotgun in the world, it is a cult model made famous by both real life use and reliability and action movies. The 1100 model is also very popular, it is still in use in US police departments and it uses large amount of parts identical to the 870, which makes servicing it easy. Both shotguns use standard 12 gauge caliber, however, Chinese use the internal diameter of the barrel in millimeters as a caliber designation; 12 gauge is 18.4 mm in China. All rifles are capable of firing powerful 3 inch rounds (76 mm), but can also fire shorter and weaker ammunition.

type97 hawk shotguns

These shotguns were made following the standard design, no frills no experimentation. Both pump action and semiautomatic shotguns come in three varieties: classic with five round tube magazine under the barrel, classic with a five round clip and bullpup, also with five round clip. Two latter shotguns are made for police and army special forces.

Police shotguns have adjustable sights, and the rear sight is a tangent one. Sights are well made and are designed for accuracy when using non-lethal ammunition, mainly rubber bullets and tear gas canisters. Bullpup models are smaller and have fixed sights, placed on the handle, indicating that they are meant for shooting in confined spaces (armed combat in buildings and tight streets), where adjustable sights are not necessary.

hawk pump shotgun

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Police and military pump action shotguns have a factory designation PD and official Chinese designation “Type 97”. There are many different configurations, with classical and folding stock, varying shapes of the handle and the slide, the possibility of mounting attachments such as tactical light. A bullpup shotgun is very interesting, with mobile cocking slide that is completely separated from the rifle contours; the front part of this element holds the tactical light. Rifle weighs just under 7 pounds and is 26 inches (670 mm) long, making it an excellent compact close quarters firearm.


Designation system with semiautomatics is the same as with pump action shotguns, excepting the basic designation of SF, which is used for semiautomatic rifles. As with pump action, there are tube magazine and clip variants as well as the bullpup version. Bullpup looks incredibly similar to the QBZ-95 rifles, in large part due to the trigger guard with recognizable thickening in the front that can be used as a forward handle. Bullpup is much more compact, it is only 25 inches (630 mm) long compared to 35 inches (900 mm) of the classical semiautomatic. All models weight 7 pounds.

hawk pump bullpup and type79

Although dated, 870 and 1100 are both good reliable models, a quality Hawk Industries has managed to replicate. Even though they are far from simple Chinese knock offs, the main draw of these rifles will likely be the price, and considering that 870 and 1100 are not particularly expensive… it is likely the chines shotguns will be among the cheapest on the market.

Images with courtesy of guns.ru and iacshotguns.com.

April 6, 2013
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