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Impact of Weapon Availability on Suicide Rates

Impact of Weapon Availability on Suicide Rates

The tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School has reignited the never fully doused flame of the gun control debate. While both sides in the debate have solid arguments backing up their attitude regarding the subject, actual progress in the debate is not something that can often be seen. As the disagreement on the issue has been raging for quite a while now, after some time you will have heard all th... »

BAE Systems Naval Railgun

Future Warfare – Railgun

[schema type=”product” name=”BAE Systems Naval Railgun” brand=”Railgun” manfu=”BAE Systems” model=”Naval Railgun” ] General Atomics is making its way into supplying US navy with weapons that can be best described as “Bleeding edge”. Best known for as an UAV manufacturer, this company is trying to reach a true holy grail of solid projectil... »

3D Printing & Gun Control

3D Printing and Gun Control

Gun control and second amendment debate is threatening to cause more and more problems to our country’s legislators with 3D printing technology, specifically printed firearms taking center stage. The raging gun control debate is primarily focused on what type of guns people should be able to legally own, and how strict the procedure for getting them should be. 3D printing technology threatens to t... »

Out-of-state Hunters Boycott Colorado

Out-of-state Hunters Boycott Colorado

The hunters from other states are boycotting Colorado because of a pending law, which would prohibit ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. Stretching over the Rockies, Colorado has always been popular among the hunters. Moreover, it is the home of the largest herds of elk throughout the states. However the recent events may bring a heavy blow to the state’s major tourism indust... »

The Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

US Navy – Now With Lasers

After a decade of speculation, the first energy weapon is about to see active duty. The Laser Weapon System (LaWS) was developed by the U.S. Navy as a response to the threat of small attack boats and UAVs. The demonstrator used a high power energy blast to burn through hulls and fuselages of incoming boats and drones. The laser weapon has several advantages over the standard Navy machine guns and ... »

Gun owners

Firearms Ownership Madatory in Nelson, Ga.

The city council of Nelson in north Georgia voted in favor of mandatory gun ownership. The council members of a 1,300 resident town, located 50 miles north of Atlanta, voted without exception to approve the Family Protection Ordinance. This law proposes every household to own a firearm and ammunition to “provide for the emergency management of the city“ and to “provide for and protect the safety, ... »

Obama Gun law

Obama’s Push For Stricter Gun Laws Continues

The initiative to tighten the gun laws has been gaining momentum since the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary school. The Congress is scheduled to address the bill which would introduce background checks for people trying to purchase fire arms. The proposed bill doesn’t include regulation on assault rifles, but even as such, it is gaining a lot of opposition. One of the arguments against the passing... »

Smarter, Safer Firearms

Smarter, Safer Firearms

In the wake of recent mass shootings, the smart gun technology is gaining more and more traction. Vice president Joe Biden has come out in support of this technology this January and it seems to be a part of President Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence. ( The Justice Department is asking whether they could reduce th... »

SIG P-210

SIG P-210 In Its New Clothing

[schema type=”product” name=”SIG P-210″ brand=”SIG” manfu=”Sig Sauer” model=”P-210″ ] Back in 1860, the Swiss Wagon Factory won a state contest for the manufacture of 30,000 muskets. That marked a changed in focus of the company, which also changed its name into Swiss Industrial Company (Shweizerische Industriegesellschaft). Even though s... »

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