Gun Laws

california bullet control laws

California Bullet Control Laws

Old NRA slogan: “Guns don’t kill people — bullets kill people,” is getting a new twist in the California legislature. Responding to increasing outcry about firearm control in the wake of Newton school shooting, democratic lawmakers are proposing new regulations and taxes on sales of ammunition. Their argument is that a firearm is harmless without ammunition (well, as harmless as an obj... »

Gun owners

Firearms Ownership Madatory in Nelson, Ga.

The city council of Nelson in north Georgia voted in favor of mandatory gun ownership. The council members of a 1,300 resident town, located 50 miles north of Atlanta, voted without exception to approve the Family Protection Ordinance. This law proposes every household to own a firearm and ammunition to “provide for the emergency management of the city“ and to “provide for and protect the safety, ... »

Chicago Gun Tax

Chicago Gun Tax

CHICAGO Cook County just introduced its own gun tax. Despite a lawsuit initiated by firearm stores and owners, it’s already in effect. County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, who proposed the tax, stated he was looking for a way to reduce the expenses that gun violence inflicts on county taxpayers – both in the public health care system and local criminal justice system. The tax was approve... »

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