Gauss gun: SF comes for a visit
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Gauss gun: SF comes for a visit

Whether you call it a Gauss gun or a coilgun, this is one of those future weapons that many people love. And one guy, that goes by the name of Jason Murray decided a while ago he wanted to make it, because it is awesomely cool.

Gauss gun fires metal slugs at high velocity, and it’s range and accuracy is unparalleled (depending on the quality of materials used) and finally, it does not rely on any ammunition propellant. The downside here is that in order to create anything at all powerful to move those slugs at a speed useful for fighting anyone wearing slightly sturdier clothing these weapons tend to be pretty cumbersome to lug around.

When you look at Jason’s gun, it might not have an awesome accuracy or pack some punch, yet just watching it in action makes you want one. It fires slugs at a rate of 7.7 rounds per second, it’s muzzle velocity is just under 140 feet per second (a conventional handgun is around 1,400 fps), however it is still enough to destroy some cans, bottles or a laptop, as can be seen in the video. It is powered by a pair of 22.2 volt Lithium-polymer battery packs.



Whatever you might think about it, you have to say kudoz to this young man and his desire to make “concepts from science fiction become reality”. And he makes it look cool as heck! For more info, check his website:

September 4, 2013
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