Four Students End up in Prison After Guns Were Found in Brownsville Middle School
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Four Students End up in Prison After Guns Were Found in Brownsville Middle School

Guns were spotted by fellow students and reported to the police. According to the police spokesperson, one of the guns was found in a backpack belonging to one of the students, while another was found on one of the students. Some sources suggest K-9 units were spotted in search of guns, as well.

Parents were shaken by this as one of them stated that all that was on her mind was “absolute fear”. Another parent, a mother of 13- and 11-year-olds had some harsh words for the school itsef: “This school is the worst school ever, so it didn’t surprise me. I didn’t think it would happen while my kids went to this school, so I’m about to remove them both from this school.”

According to the police, the guns were noticed by other kids who notified the school officials.

Until facing a judge on Thursday morning for possession of a loaded weapon, the students will remain in secure detention.

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September 27, 2014

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