Fashionable Concealed Carry for Ladies
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Fashionable Concealed Carry for Ladies

In recent years, there has been a surging number of women requesting concealed carry permits. Carrying a concealed firearm offers women a sense of security and allows them to take ownership of their safety. Still, getting a permit is just the first step. Women still need to find the right clothing for concealed carry. 

Overall, the most traditional method of concealed carry has been to combine a waistband holster or a shoulder holster with standard outerwear. But this doesn’t always work for women. Women wear various outfits and need various ways to pull off concealed carry. To be frank, your protection shouldn’t come at the expense of your sense of style. You should have the ability to be safe and look fashionable at the same time. 

In this blog, we’ll share some women’s concealed carry fashion options that will have you looking and feeling good!

What is Concealed Carry Clothing?

Concealing your gun carefully and safely is a crucial part of concealed carry. The intended purpose is to be able to carry a firearm undetected both for your protection and safety. To ensure your weapon is undetectable, you need to have the proper concealment clothing. 

Otherwise, people will be able to tell you to have a firearm. When others can see your weapon, it defeats the purpose of concealing your gun. With concealed carry becoming more popular, gun owners, particularly female gun owners have sought out new and innovative ways to conceal their weapons. 

Fashionable Articles of Concealed Carry

When it comes to concealed carry clothing, there are a variety of types and styles for women. In this section, we’ll list some of the styles that women have deemed to be the most fashionable.

Bra Carry

There are a variety of versions of this style from low carry to carrying on the side of the breast like shoulder carry. Bra carry even works with different types of bras including wireless bras, active bras, racerback bras, strapless bras, etc. 

A bra carry will still offer regular breast support in addition to supporting your weapon. And another plus is that you can wear whatever shirt you want over it.


Many prefer the comfort of leggings. Concealed carry leggings are especially beneficial to women who consistently exercise. Even though leggings are usually a thinner material, you can still find leggings made for firearm concealment. 

A good pair of concealed carry leggings should protect the trigger, keep the firearm from falling out, allow for an easy draw, and of course, be comfortable. This may seem like a tall order, but a quality pair of concealed carry leggings can accomplish all this. 

Concealed Carry Corset

Concealed carry corsets function like any other shapewear but have the additional advantage of holstering your gun. A corset can work with a woman’s natural curves for a better fit. Also, you want the holster to be lightweight. 

Some corsets even have a mesh back that makes them cooler and breezier. Like a bra carry, a concealed carry corset works well underneath any style of clothing.

Concealed Carry Shorts

Concealed carry shorts are incredibly popular, especially ones that are spandex. Spandex shorts can hug your body in a way that allows them to act as shapewear.

There are also a variety of styles when it comes to carrying your weapon. Some styles offer an inner thigh draw which makes it easy to remove when necessary. Other styles feature two identical holsters to each side, so that both right-handed and left-handed individuals can have easy access. 

Picking Out Your Concealed Carry Clothing

When it comes to picking out your concealed carry clothing, you should consider comfort, concealability, and ease of withdrawal. Take a second to think about where you feel most comfortable carrying a firearm

Think about the routine activities you engage in. When it comes to withdrawal, you want to be able to retrieve your weapon effectively and quickly. Try to use different positions to figure out what works best for you. Practice drawing your weapon regularly until you make no mistakes. Moreover, be sure to check the laws in your state and jurisdiction so you know where and how you’re allowed to conceal carry and any rules you are required to follow.


September 1, 2023

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