Double Tap Pistol: Don’t Take any Chances

Double Tap Pistol: Don’t Take any Chances

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After its premiere showing at the Las Vegas Gun Show, the double-barrel pistol with a badass name “Double Tap” has finally hit the stores. Its name is derived from a combat shooting technique, in which the weapon is aimed at the center of a human size target and two quick shots are fired, which is usually considered enough for target neutralization. Actually, the name is perfect for this small and thin double-barrel .45 ACP pistol, designed by the companyDoubleTap Defense LLC from Sent Louis, Missouri, which is also the home of its sister company Azimuth Technologies which actually manufactures the Double Tap.

double tap

The double-barrel handgun concept is more than a century old, and almost completely forgotten, but still, the new subcompact Double Tap is a modern and above all reliable weapon. The first question that arises is what was the motivation behind the constructing such a handgun. The answer to it hides in the fact that in the last few years there have been many new and successful pistols and revolvers that combined tiny, almost unbelievable dimensions and enormous firepower of standard service calibers. Still, we are witnessing the constant debate between the magazine capacity and stopping power on the one side and the overall dimensions on the other.

Large calibers and the need for smallest possible dimensions, often drive the construction team outside the common solutions that are usually based on compact variants of full size service pistols. That is why in this case they turned to 19th century Derringer concept, which produced some of the smallest and deadliest pistols that survived along the “big guns” despite their evident shortcomings.


More than six years ago, a group of constructors affiliated with Azimuth Technologies machine industry, which is today a part of DoubleTap Defense LLC, came up with an idea of creating an ultralight pistol for concealed carry and self-defense in a high-power caliber, based on a double-barrel, break-action design. The construction was complete, and the first trials have shown that it is a potent weapon. The basic characteristic of Double Tap, which distances it from its anemic ancestors is the absolute reliability, achieved by carefully engineered action and the use of modern materials and world-class technology.

Although their main field of work is manufacturing machine parts and equipment, Azimuth Technologies cooperates with many famous weapon factories in the US like Otis, Kel-Tec, Lancer and others, so that organizing a production of the new pistol was relatively simplified. The manufacture was carried out at the highest quality level. The new weapon, Double Tap is smaller than any existing on the market and still capable of firing two fast and reliable shots of .45 ACP or 9×19 mm Para. It is praised forsimple use and maintenance, which again makes it a perfect choice for a back-up or emergency gun.


With its 76 mm barrels, Double Tap is 140 mm long, 99 mm high and the version chambered for .45 ACP weighs only 368 g with Dural frame, while the version with titanium alloy weighs 425 g. The most stunning fact is that it’s only 16.9 mm wide, although it uses 11.43 mm ammunition. A perfect option for concealed carry. The top part of the pistol consists of the O/U barrel block machined from a single piece of steel. The barrels have an octagonal profile, with the flat top side that houses a simple front iron sight. On the lower side there is an axis which carries out the breaking action of the barrels and behind it is the simple locking block.

There are options with or without ports which reduce the recoil. The variant with ports has two rows of five 2 mm circular openings per barrel which direct a part of the gases upwards to counter the kick. The barrels are made of 17-4 PH stainless steel, protected with black polyurethane Mil-Spec coating.

The other part of the pistol is made out of a single piece of steel and contains the frame with the lock, rear sight and trigger mechanism. The frame is made of 7075 aviation grade aluminum alloy or 6A14V titanium alloy. The frame is designed so it resembles the silhouette of a classic pistol and houses the locking levers under the barrels on both sides. The lock is operated by pulling the levers backwards and the barrels are broken for charging. The barrel hinge is connected to the frame with a pin that can be pulled sideways so the barrel changing can be done easily in a few seconds.

The handle is small but comfortable with all four surfaces checkered. The trigger is enclosed by a classic trigger guard. The mechanism works as a regular DAO system with hidden hammers. When the trigger is pulled, the lever actuates a double gear that alternates between the hammers. There is no other safety than the internal firing pins and the relatively high trigger force of 6300 daN. Double Tap lacks the automatic safety but the hammers are physically separated from the firing pins about 10 mm, so the effect is the same as with modern revolvers which feature a block between the hammer and the firing pin.

Double-Tap pistol

The handle has an internal space with a cover which can take two spare rounds loaded on a fast loading clip. This feature enables two sets of quick double taps at close distances, which is more than enough for neutralizing a lone assailant. Every other scenario makes this weapon’s concept absurd. On the other hand, the tests have shown that this pistol can be successfully used on distances up to 10 meters despite its powerful kick. The only problem with this specific self-defense gun is its price of about $360. Still this concept has passed the history test and with the overall quality of Double Tap, it is the weapon that you can trust with your life.

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February 26, 2015
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