Colt Mustang XSP

Colt Mustang XSP

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Another Member of the Legendary Family

Colt is probably one of the most renowned weapons manufacturing brands in the US, and possibly the world, responsible for some of the most iconic weapons in the last 150 years. While most of their recent models were simple rehashes of their previous successes, it seems the Colt Manufacturing has stopped resting on its laurels and made something new and innovative for a change.

Reliable Backup

This is a compact gun that can fit into a pocket. It uses single row magazines that can hold up to six bullets. Nothing sounds particularly new or innovative (there are plenty of guns like this on the market), but this unusual configuration blends the best characteristics of traditional and conservative guns with the ultra-modern and new… the result is an excellent model that can be the pride of any gunsmith.

The new XSP was developed by improving the earlier pistol model of this manufacturer – the Mustang, that was made in 1983. At the time, this was a successful concept, it was a small but reliable and deadly handgun. It was designed as a backup firearm for police officers and a weapon for support personnel in the army and the police force. From the start, it was a weapon you were supposed to rely on.

Its redesign, the new Colt Mustang XSP is a miniature pistol with a polymer frame and a package of classical, tested solutions and characteristics. Today it is one of the smallest guns in its class, while maintaining handling comfort, reliability and firepower necessary to save your life. Its length is 142 mm and height is 100 mm. Also, it weighs only 348 grams. Its barrel is somewhat thin, but still of high quality.


Excellent Ergonomic Design

Despite its small size and weight, its excellent design allows the gun to be very comfortable to hold and use. The slider has straight, parallel finely checkered sides and slightly slanted cocking ridges as well as well profiled extractor. The rear part of the slider is slanted and well rounded, while the top is oval and matted to reduce reflections. All metal parts of this gun are made of stainless steel, in order to make the maintenance easier, but the slide is protected with mat black, very resistant polyurethane coating. In order to control the powerful recoil of 9×17 K rounds, XSP uses a double recoil spring that functions as a recoil compensator.

The weapon frame is made from polymer plastic, and its design is a significant improvement when compared to previous classical versions. There is a small rail for laser sights or tactical flashlight mounting at the front of the frame. Trigger guard is wider and rectangular which fits well with the rest of the weapon design. It narrows a bit near the handgrip allowing a more comfortable grip. The front and rear of the grip is textured with large cubes while the sides are only slightly rough.


Its controls are what you would expect from a miniature M-1911. While the beginners might need a crash course in how to handle it, the pros will appreciate the efficiency. The Mustang has an external hammer with a round opening in the middle a lighter tail and a classical SA firing mode. A short, nicely curved trigger is set by default to a very heavy trigger pull force of 3,600 daN, but that can be easily modified. Trigger operation is both precise and short, very important for a weapon this small. The Mustang has an external, reliable Colt safety levers on both sides. The magazine safety button is on the rear end of the trigger guard. It has a slightly serrated surface and protrudes slightly. All controls are done in the natural light color of stainless steel, making them stand out nicely from the otherwise completely black weapon.

Combat Sights

The mustang comes with two single row steel magazines. Magazines fit perfectly into the handgrip, minimizing the pistol silhouette. Unlike previous versions, the current XSP has professional, adjustable, low, rectangular combat sights. In total, this is a very ergonomic model, it has comfortable grip, with well-made sights and it uses the excellent SA firing system. This small pistol shoots much better than you would expect. Using different types of ammo, this XSP can form shot groupings of 4 inches at a distance of 15 yards, an excellent score. So far, it has shown great reliability with all ammunition types, including the JHP. The 9x17K is still a bit too powerful for a weapon weighing two thirds of a pound, but considering just how compact this weapon is, it is forgivable.

All in all, the new Mustang XSP is a great example of a well-made combination of traditional and ultra-modern, with its simplicity, reliability accuracy and firepower can attest to. It is definitely a winning combination in its class. Its only flaw could be its price of 650 USD, which is a bit steep, even for Colt.

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November 29, 2014
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