HK 121

Heckler & Koch’s HK 121

At first glance this is a most impressive weapon. “Heckler & Koch” has been developing this machine gun since 2005, after it went through massive development management restructuring. MG4 5.56×45 was already being produced and the company wished to compete its offer with a universal machine gun of 7.62×45 calibre. Due to the events and experiences in Afghanistan, the Bundeswehr (Germ... »

PARA 1911 Black Ops

Para 1911 Black Ops Limited

A “Black Ops” Gun Top Quality manufacture and classical weaponry has placed the Canadian company at the top of world production. It is well know that the “Para-Ordnance” company was founded in 1985 by two schoolmates – Ted Savo and Tanos Polizos (Both European emigrants to Canada). In the beginning, they made only pain ball models, only to quickly begin the manufacture of real weaponry (combat and... »

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