Stacey Newman: “Same Restrictions on Guns as Abortions”

Stacey Newman: “Same Restrictions on Guns as Abortions”

Missouri state Representative Stacey Newman pre-filed a bill on Tuesday that would limit access to firearms, in the same way, her state restricts access to abortion.

The bill includes a period of 72-hour waiting for purchasing guns and watching a 30-minute video on firearms fatalities before purchasing. It also requires the weapons dealer be at least 120 miles from the purchaser’s residence. The bill would require that a gun buyer visits an emergency room at the nearest hospital on a weekend between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. when gun violence victims are present.

Within 72 hours, the purchaser also has to face with at least two families who have been victims of firearm violence and two spirit leaders who have presided over funerals in the last year of a child gun violence victim.

The bill was pre-filed for the 2016 session, which begins in January, and is unlikely to get traction.

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