PedalPubs Under Water Attack By Mad Max-Style Cyclist

PedalPubs Under Water Attack By Mad Max-Style Cyclist

It would appear PedalPubs is not everyone’s cup of tea. To make matters worse (or more ironic) the attackers on PedalPub were on pedal power themselves, riding their bicycles, wielding weapons such as water balloons and squirt guns.

Downtown Minneapolis was hit by these “Mad Max”-style vigilantes last Saturday, supposedly due to a general dislike for the PedalPub. There is even a Facebook page titled “I Hate the Pedal Pub”, complaining about the noise, traffic blocking and public drunkenness. The attackers pretty much gave themselves away stating on the page that “they were going to pull a ‘Mad Max’ on the PedalPub with water balloons and squirt guns”. This put the employees of PedalPub on alert, authorities were notified and there was even a squad at the park, where nobody showed up.

It turned out that the attacks happened at a different location. Unlucky for the merry gang on bicycles, one of the PedalPubs  was hosting six off-duty police officers, who managed to take down most of the squirters.

The “I Hate the Pedal Pub” page posted the following after the incident: “I have received a few messages that some people have pursued pedal pubs today with squirt guns and water balloons. Wrong idea guys. Although getting wet is mostly harmless, it is still considered assault.”

Lisa Stanplin, the manager of PedalPub adds that it is a question of safety. “They created an unsafe, potentially dangerous situation. Our pilots have all been trained to deal with incidents like this.”

Stanplin went on to explain that their business will not be affected by this, as they have 11 vehicles in total, but they do plan to follow through as far as the legal charges are concerned.

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