Atlanta Mayor Wants Smart Guns for Police

Atlanta Mayor Wants Smart Guns for Police

Mayor Kasim Reed is among plenty of mayors who have signed off on a letter to Smyrna-based GLOCK and other large gun manufacturers, requesting to learn the extent of their ability to produce smart gun technologies.

The letter asks the gun manufacturers to provide a detailed overview of the companies activities and goals with respect to gun safety technologies. Also include a description of any technologies currently used by the company or now in development that would prevent or deter the use of a gun by unauthorized users.

This type of technology utilizes biometrics, such as fingerprints, to guarantee only authorized persons can use the weapons.

Tom Lynch, CEO of Columbus, Georgia-based Safe Gun Technology, Inc. said his product will hit the market next year. “This particular prototype stores up to 200 users, but we will probably go to market with the option of five to 10 users,” Lynch said.

Rabbi Peter Berg, a member of local group Outcry and a supporter of smart gun technology said: “Nobody’s trying to take guns away from Americans or Georgians, we’re trying to make gun technology safer.
What would happen if we harness the purchasing power of all these agencies and say we will only purchase guns in our city, in our state, from manufacturers who manufacture safe smart guns,” Berg said.

Tyrone Police Chief Brandon Perkins said, “Once we open that door I think it is going to be very hard to close it. There is always that potential for failure — in our world, there is no room for failure.”

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