Marlboro man accused of pulling stun gun at Hudson restaurant

Marlboro man accused of pulling stun gun at Hudson restaurant

A Marlboro man was arrested Friday after police said he threatened another man with an illegal stun gun during a dispute in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant.

Police received a call around 7 p.m. Friday from a man who claimed that a man with long hair and wearing a long sleeve blue shirt and a neck chain had threatened him with a stun gun, according to Police Chief Michael Burks

According to Burks, the victim claimed he was attempting to pull out of his parking space at the Star Ocean Chinese restaurant at 200 Washington St. when another driver pulled up in front of him and blocked the car from leaving. The alleged victim honked the car horn, but when the other driver, later identified as John Cabral, 21, didn’t move, the victim got out to complain. Cabral then pointed the stun gun, which was designed to look like a cell phone, and sparked it, the chief said.

Police arrived as Cabral was leaving the restaurant. After seeing that he matched the description given by the caller, he was arrested.
Cabral, of 1 Brimstead St., was charged with possession of an electric stun gun and assault with a dangerous weapon, Burks said. Cabral said he did not know stun guns are illegal in Massachusetts.

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