Oklahomans rush to buy guns at mention of tighter controls

Oklahomans rush to buy guns at mention of tighter controls

Oklahomans are keeping an eye on gun sales as President Barack Obama advocates for tighter gun controls.

In a yesterday speech, Obama cited mass shootings like the December 2012 killings in Newtown, Connecticut, as demonstrating the need to close loopholes that allow some to avoid background checks.

A total of 60,628 Oklahomans went out and obtained gun licenses in 2013, a 50 percent increase over 2012, according to statistics from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

State Senator Joseph Silk says there’s a spike in gun sales and permits whenever Obama talks about restrictions.

“Whenever he tries to do things like this, what he does is he’s basically pumping more guns out into the general public,” Silk said. “A lot of Americans view firearms as basically a God-given right.”

Former Tulsa police officer Rex Berry says he’s expecting Obama’s new initiatives will help decrease gun violence.

“It’s never been about gun grabbing. We can’t take 300 million guns out of the United States, that’s silly,” he said.

Claude Hall, OKC Gun Show owner, tells he predicts the executive action will increase sales at his next show this weekend.

During Obama’s first six years in office, the OKC Bureau of Investigation issued 232,307 licenses for Oklahomans to carry handguns, nearly triple the licenses that were issued during the six years that immediately preceded Obama taking office.

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