Don’t fire guns as part of your New Year’s celebration

Don’t fire guns as part of your New Year’s celebration

Every New Year’s Eve, around midnight, some people will undoubtedly pull out some guns and shoot them into the air in celebration.

Police say if you get caught doing it, you can be charged with a felony and even go to jail. Above all, you could hurt someone, possibly even kill them.

There are plenty of national news stories of people who have been critically injured by falling bullets fired into the air just for fun. There was the kid in Florida who ended up with a bullet in his brain, and the man in California who had a bullet fly into his chest.

One man in Fort Wayne got up to find a bullet on his dining room table and a hole in his ceiling and roof. Also, one woman who was sitting in her back yard one Fourth of July when a bullet hit the top of her shoulder.

Police said bullets fired into the air usually fall at terminal velocity, which is much slower than muzzle velocity, but they can still fall fast enough to cause serious injury and even death, especially if shot at an angle into the sky.

“Celebrate New Year’s, but don’t do it in a reckless and dangerous manner. Bullets don’t have eyes,” said Fort Wayne Police Chief Garry Hamilton.

Steve Stone, public information officer for the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, said it is impossible to say how many people shoot guns into the air on holidays. They don’t get a lot of calls and police have to witness someone shooting a gun to charge them.

The odds of a bullet hitting someone are slim, but it can hit a car, a roof, or a person. “There’s no safe way to shoot a bullet into the air,” Stone said.

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