2,500 guns seized by security at airports in 2015

2,500 guns seized by security at airports in 2015

According to The Transport Security Administration, more than 2,500 firearms had been found by December, up 200 on last year.

The TSA has revealed some of the most lethal weapons intercepted this year.

The items include a meat cleaver confiscated from a passenger’s hand luggage in New York, an ice pick hidden inside a walking cane and even a sickle.

According to the TSA, passengers caught with a gun usually claim that they meant to leave it at home.

They also regularly encounter concealed knives disguised as other items like canes or combs, reports the Mail Online.

Replica bombs can cause severe airport confusion as officials have to check out whether they are real and dangerous or not.

One instance saw a meat slicer removed from one passenger’s hand luggage as he planned to take it on board the plane.

Earlier this year, the TSA confiscated a stun gun disguised as a lipstick being smuggled aboard a flight in Chicago.

If passengers are found with a dangerous item at a checkpoint, they can be fined up to $11,000.

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