Toy Guns Sold in Plattsburgh

Toy Guns Sold in Plattsburgh

New York State Law requires toy guns to include Orange tips, orange striping down the barrel and brightly colored paint markings to help differentiate a toy gun from a real one. An investigation by the state’s attorney general found dozens of companies sold guns around the state, including in Plattsburgh, that violated those state requirements.

Eric Schniederman, Attorney General said on Tuesday his office reached an agreement with major retailers including Kmart, Walmart, Amazon, and 30 other businesses that sold toy guns online that did not comply with the state’s marking laws.

“When toy guns are mistaken for real guns, there can be tragic consequences,” Schneiderman said.

The companies, which sold the products online through, accepted to pay more than $309,000 and change their business practices to comply with the state law which states that gun must be painted colors other than black, blue, silver or aluminum.

“If we can look at something and see the orange tip or the orange marking it helps us make a better identification. It gives us more information as to what we’re dealing with”, said Plattsburgh Police Captain Michael Branch.

Branch said overall he supports the strict toy gun marking laws.

“It helps us, I think it makes the children safer, and ultimately it’s up to parents to make sure that kids have the information the parents want them to have whether they use toy guns or not, Branch said.”

The investigation showed more than 5,000 improperly marked toy guns were sold around the state. Of those 5,000, 11 were traced to Plattsburgh.

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