IMPD are Investigating Robbery Involving Suspects who Posed as Police Officers

IMPD are Investigating Robbery Involving Suspects who Posed as Police Officers

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police responded to an incomplete 911 call from the 7300 block of Hague Road around 8:30pm Tuesday.  When they arrived, the homeowner told them he and his sister had been tied up and robbed at gunpoint by three men who pretended to be police officers.  This man said he answered a knock at the door at 8:20 to find three white males in their twenties wearing hooded sweatshirts, jackets, and skull caps that had “police” written on them. He said the men pushed their way into the home, ordered him and his sister to the ground, and claimed to have a warrant for a ride.

“Two of the men were armed with guns and the third had a shotgun or even a rifle”, the homeowner said.  The suspects pointed weapons at the homeowner and his sister and bound their hands and feet with zip ties, according to this man.

The homeowner said, “one of the suspects asked him where the money was and knew they had it,” according to an IMPD incident report.  He also said the three men “trashed the residence looking for something.” The suspects eventually left the home after grabbing the homeowner’s wallet, cell phone, and a lockbox containing $2,000 cash.

The homeowner’s sister told police she was able to get to her cell phone and dial 911 while she was tied up.  But she was only able to give the dispatcher the address before hanging up the call.  She said the suspects left the area in a vehicle, but she was not able to give a description of the vehicle.

“That’s awfully bold to even try that,” said a man from neighborhood who didn’t want to be identified.  “Yes there is some crime that goes on, but never anything of this nature of weapons, people posing as police, that has never ever happened before.”

Since the suspects seemed to know there was cash to be found in the house, the case does not appear to be a random crime.  Detectives will explore the question of how the suspects knew what they were looking for.

Image courtesy of: Fox 59