19 Year-Old Texan Killed After An Argument Over Beer Pong Rules

19 Year-Old Texan Killed After An Argument Over Beer Pong Rules

Lacie LaRose, a 19-year-old Texan was killed while attending a party after a fight broke out over beer pong rules.

While Landon Duke, 23, was celebrating his graduation from Texas A&M with some friends, his neighbor, Ronald McNeil, 39, and his friends crashed the party.

While things started amicably enough, tensions began to rise when McNeil attempted to convince the partygoers to support Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match with Manny Pacquitao.

According to Duke, a heated argument erupted during a game of beer pong later that evening. The game was in the garage and the argument even sparked actual physical altercation with one of McNeil’s friends.

The police report states that McNeil, a black man, claimed that partygoers used racial slurs and beat up one of his friends. Duke claims he didn’t hear any racial slurs, but that he did hear McNeil threatening to bring a gun.

According to Duke, his friends and himself weren’t concerned, but they still closed the garage door as a precaution. At one point, after LaRose left to get more beer from the backyard, 15 gunshots were heard.

The gunshots killed LaRose and injured two more people. McNeil later told the police that he had no intention of hurting anyone and that he just wanted to scare Duke and his friends. He claims he fired the gun accidentally.

Officers quickly arrested McNeil. He is being charged with one count of murder, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of deadly conduct. He is currently being held at the Brazos County Jail.

According to the police, one of McNeil’s friends is cooperating with the investigation.

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